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Ensuring Food Safety Is A Piece of Cake

At Emerson, we see our technology helping preserve food safety – from source to consumption.

When it comes to feeding ourselves and our families, food and beverage safety isn’t just an expectation – it’s a necessity. Whether you’re shopping in a grocery store aisle or opening the refrigerator at home, we all trust that the food and drink we’ve purchased is uncompromised, safe to consume and fresh to enjoy. Regulations for food and beverage quality have built consumer trust with a model of consistent standards.

But what if we can do even better? At Emerson, we see our technology helping preserve food safety – from source to consumption.

With Emerson automation technologies, food and beverage safety innovation starts in the factory. Emerson works with food companies around the world to provide instrumentation and software options to keep food processing monitored, controlled – and above all, contaminant-free. From bakery, meat, dairy, vegetable and confectionary items, to wine and beer, we offer solutions to help the industry boost safety, productivity, efficiency and sustainability.

With a rising demand for convenience products and a dizzying array of food and beverage options, food companies must process thousands of products with consistent quality and efficiency, all while meeting new standards and managing complex packaging needs. Emerson is lending a helping hand to tackle these challenges with real-time monitoring solutions for peace of mind at every step of the food production process.

Each and every time a food or beverage product travels down a product line, Emerson technologies are providing real-time monitoring to assess conditions for optimal quality and safety. Analytics from these devices enable managers to monitor temperature, product integrity and cleanliness – all without halting production for random samples and analysis.

As food and beverage products pass through the processing stage, Emerson innovations ensure safe and effective packaging for delivery to consumers worldwide. Ultrasonic technology creates perfectly sealed packages, keeping food fresh and contaminants out. Along the way, advanced leak detection technology pinpoints leaks in individual packages to keep consumers safe and food preserved.?

By modernizing food operations to build in safety to the production and packaging processes, Emerson innovation keeps foods tasting great and safe to enjoy. Having safe, healthy food to feed our families is top of mind for most consumers—and for good reason. Emerson takes this responsibility seriously, putting the latest technology to work for families.

At Emerson, we see a future where food scares are yesterday’s news.

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