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LNG - We See

Freezing Out Obstacles to a Plentiful Source of Clean Energy

Leading the Way

We’re helping the LNG industry overcome challenges, applying our automation technologies, services and expertise so we all can take better advantage of this clean, cost-effective energy source.

There’s a lot to like about liquefied?natural gas (LNG) as an energy source for a growing number of applications: It’s a highly efficient, reliable, clean alternative to most other fossil fuels, and plentiful reserves remain around the world. It’s also significantly less costly to produce.

But there are challenges with LNG too. Namely, natural gas must be taken to a crisp, consistent -260° F for transport in liquid state, and many reserves are located in areas where super-freezing isn’t easy or convenient to maintain. The global demand for LNG is rapidly increasing: Bloomberg’s New Energy Finance Global LNG Outlook projects the long-term demand will grow between 4 to 7 percent each year. And as that global demand increases, complexity and risk are rising as well.

At Emerson, we see these issues as inspiration for innovation. We’re helping the LNG industry overcome them, applying our automation technologies, services and expertise so we all can take better advantage of this clean, cost-effective fuel source. Our experts and solutions are mitigating project risks and reducing complexity – while optimizing operations worldwide.

Energy is a complex industry that requires innovative thinking and creative solutions. When it comes to the temperature and pressures of LNG, that complexity comes into sharper focus. Emerson technologies and experts work with companies every day to implement and monitor solutions that make it possible to safely process and transport LNG from remote, hard-to-reach locations to centralized production hubs to where it is needed most – helping meet world demand for clean, reliable energy.

The reliability of these gathering systems – and the efficiency of experts managing the process – are critical to safely optimize production. Emerson sensors and remote monitoring capabilities give experts real-time, 24/7 access to diagnostics that help keep assets running smoothly. These leading technology applications make it possible for the right experts to securely access this vital data from 300 miles offshore or anywhere else in the world.

Emerson’s world-class LNG technologies are providing never-been-done-before solutions to some of the top energy companies. For example, when an international energy giant looked to tap into one of the world’s largest offshore natural gas reserves, located in a remote location offshore from Western Australia, they set out to build one of the largest and most advanced floating production facilities ever built, rivaling the size of six aircraft carriers combined. And when they needed industry-leading automation solutions for this ambitious project, they turned to Emerson’s Automation Solutions business, which served as main automation contractor on the project, responsible for process control and monitoring technologies to help the facility operate safely and reliably.

This LNG project and countless others are empowering Emerson to help companies leverage capabilities and realize new opportunities to make the most of our resources. We see opportunities to make this cleaner fuel source more widely available to meet our world’s energy needs. ?

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