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RIGID - Family in Yard

Secret to Success? The Right Tools in the Right Hands



We give contractors and service professionals such as plumbers, HVAC technicians and facilities managers the tools to see and solve hidden problems.?

Superman may have X-ray vision, but ordinary mortals? Contractors?

Well, yes – as long as they’re working with us.?

In fact, every day we see contractors with X-ray vision finding leaks buried 10 feet underground.?

That’s because we give contractors and service professionals such as plumbers, HVAC technicians and facilities managers the tools to see and solve hidden problems.?

Tools, for example, like monitors and recorders for drain and sewer video inspections. Like our SeeSnake? CS6x and CS6xPak Digital Recording Monitors, which offers not only Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, but also the added ability to stream and record inspections to the latest iOS or Android devices.?

Or plumbing locating tools like our NaviTrack II Locator, which provides unprecedented ease-of-use for finding underground pipes, or our SR-24 Line Locator, a precision utility locating tool that comes with GPS and Bluetooth technology for easy integration with external data capture devices.

Then there are tools for test and measurement, like the micro LM-400 Advanced Laser Distance Meter. This device puts quick distance readings and advanced calculations at the professional’s fingertips. And by connecting to a smartphone or tablet, measurements can be overlaid on a photo or sketch for sharing with others.

We also give professionals the ability to make hand-held video inspections. The micro CA-25 Digital Inspection Camera, for example, comes with a fixed 17 mm waterproof imager head for basic and short-range inspection jobs.

And while we’re giving contractors all these super-human powers, why not make sure they can also share construction project information and data online? With our RIDGIDConnect? Online Business Tool, our customers get the leading on-line reporting platform, so inspections can be stored or shared with others anywhere, anytime. With this technology, professionals can also work with their information in the field and create new reports via a mobile smartphone. They can look up job reports, upload media from the phone or recall insights about a customer: RIDGIDConnect, in short, puts business records at the user’s fingertips.

We see it now: technology and innovative design that’s engineered to stand up to the most demanding conditions. And that gives you the X-ray vision that only Superman used to have.

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