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Electrical Components & Lighting

The widest range of lighting fixtures, electrical fittings, plugs and receptacles, controls, panelboards and more.

Reliable in the World’s Harshest Hazardous Locations

Manufacturing and processing facilities, and the environments they inhabit, continually challenge both man and machine. With the presence of flammable gases and vapors, hazardous locations demand electrical products engineered to provide proper protection from dangers like heat or spark-induced ignition. Safety and productivity in industrial processing environments demand reliable connectivity and control to protect people and equipment. Whatever the application, we have a solution.


Led Lighting Appleton

Amplify Your Usable Light with Appleton? LED Luminaires

LED lighting needs in extreme conditions go beyond simple illumination. Facilities require optimal dispersion of light and products that will last with minimal maintenance.

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Our engineers are striving for new and better solutions.

When specifying electrical products for harsh environments choosing the right materials to ensure adequate corrosion resistance is crucial. Most industrial electrical products worldwide use ferrous metals which take advantage of iron’s strength, versatility, workability and relative affordability. As ferrous products are most susceptible to corrosion, it is important to understand the finishing processes a manufacturer applies to protect their electrical products from the surrounding corrosive environment.

The Latest

News Release

Appleton? Mercmaster? LED Low Profile Luminaire Wins "Harsh and Hazardous" EC&M Product of the Year

Emerson's Appleton Mercmaster? LED Low Profile Luminaire has been awarded 2017 Product of the Year in the Luminaires (Harsh and Hazardous...
May 4, 2017
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Appleton Expands LED Lighting Line with New Low-Profile Mercmaster Luminaire

Hazardous and ordinary location luminaires designed for industrial environments requiring greater clearance levels and reduced energy consumption.
Sep 30, 2016
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Emerson Delivers Game-Changing New LED Solution for Retrofitting High Bay Lighting in Industrial...

Emerson is breaking barriers in the industrial lighting market once again with the new Appleton? Baymaster? LED High Bay luminaire, featuring a...
Aug 9, 2017
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