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Electrical Fittings

A complete selection of conduit bodies, outlet boxes, device boxes, cable glands and other fittings for any environment.

Keep the Power Flowing, Keep Your People Safe.

If the air is filled with flammable vapors, dusts and other dangers, selecting the correct fitting is a must. Even in an ordinary location, the right fittings make the job easier while ensuring a safe, durable electrical system. This is not the place to cut corners. Whether you are wiring an office building or an offshore oil platform, we have all the top quality?products?you need.


Our engineers are striving for new and better solutions.

When specifying electrical products for harsh environments choosing the right materials to ensure adequate corrosion resistance is crucial. Most industrial electrical products worldwide use ferrous metals which take advantage of iron’s strength, versatility, workability and relative affordability. As ferrous products are most susceptible to corrosion, it is important to understand the finishing processes a manufacturer applies to protect their electrical products from the surrounding corrosive environment.

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