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Energy Management Software

Reduce emissions, lower costs, and stabilize energy systems with Energy Management solutions for the process industries


How can industry make a step change in energy performance?

Extracting value from applied industrial energy requires a holistic approach all along the value chain. Energy is purchased, converted, distributed, consumed, and sometimes exported on every industrial site . . .? and the environmental, financial, and productivity impacts are significant and complex. Emerson industrial energy experts tame the complexity and improve business results. From the captive powerhouse to energy intensive process units, we have monitoring, control, and predictive solutions to optimize energy performance.

How it Works

Uncover Your Potential

Energy improvement starts with identifying potential business value that could be realized when best practices are combined with technology. Emerson energy experts assist with developing action plans to further enhance the safe, reliable, and efficient management of facility energy assets. From surveys of energy measurements to defining the value of real time energy optimization, Emerson has the consulting services to overcome the difficulty of energy management and achieve a step change in performance.

Monitor, Target, and Report

An Energy Management Information System (EMIS) is the foundation of energy management and an essential tool for creating and sustaining an energy minded culture. By providing real time visibility into energy consumption, Plantweb Energy Advisor can uncover energy saving opportunities with immediate impact and support energy improvement planning. Emerson’s EMIS solution goes beyond software, combining measurement infrastructure, tools for dynamic target setting, and data analytics.

Improve Combustion Control

Many industrial facilities produce and/or have access to low cost alternate or waste fuel sources that can be used in boilers, heaters, and furnaces. While inexpensive, unfortunately many waste fuels have highly variable flow rates and/or calorific content. Typical combustion approaches are not effective, favoring high excess air to ensure complete combustion and relying on manual operations intervention. Emerson technology effectively handles variable energy fuels in order to optimize their use.? When waste fuels are safely maximized, process stability, response, and fuel costs are reduced dramatically.

Stabilize Your Energy Systems

Stable industrial energy systems are essential for meeting production and quality goals. Each energy asset must operate consistently with minimal variation and the overall system must coordinate seamlessly to meet changing operating needs. Poor coordination or volatility can turn a simple upset into a cascaded multiple trip situation with the whole plant down. Emerson solutions help achieve both unit and overall coordinated control performance to maintain maximum energy system stability.

Implement Energy Optimization

Industrial energy systems can be very complex with multiple generation, distribution, and consumption processes. Even when individual units are optimized, there remains an opportunity to find the optimal balance point where supply meets demand at the lowest cost. Emerson’s strategies for real time energy management combine model simplicity with the degree of accuracy required for optimization within a robust architecture. The payback is substantial and sustained year over year.


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