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Plastic Spin Welding

Precise and consistent circular joining solutions across various industries.

Consistent Welds for Circular Applications

We offer the broadest portfolio of joining technologies and provide unsurpassed technical support. Branson spin welding technology joins circular thermoplastic parts by applying pressure with a spinning motion that generates extreme heat to melt and fuse. This process creates durable seals every time for part-to-part interfaces that have a circular axis, such as a sphere, cylinder, disc or ring.?

How It Works

Spin Welding

Spin welding joins thermoplastic parts with a circular joint area by bringing the part interfaces together, under pressure, with a circular motion. Advantages for spin welding include strong, hermetic seals and its feasibility with most thermoplastic materials.

The Process

In the spin welding process one part is held stationary while the other is rotated and pressed against the stationary part. The spinning action creates extreme heat all along the circular join path. Extreme pressure is simultaneously applied by pressing the two parts together.? This combination of extreme heat and pressure fuses the plastic together along the path, creating a clean and instantaneous circular joint.


Spin welding is frequently chosen for joining together circular-shaped parts.?The typical RPM is in the range of 1500-2500 and weld force is 100-250lbs. Key applications include filtration, abrasive discs, irrigation, thermal cups, and automotive round lamps.

Branson Custom Tooling

Custom Tooling You Can Count On

We don’t just make tooling; we know how to optimize it for fast, efficient performance. Let our custom tooling experts help you configure and maximize your systems.

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