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Heating & Air Conditioning

Heating & Air Conditioning

Emerson provides the best-in-class solutions to solve the toughest heating and air conditioning challenges.

Products & Services




Copeland Scroll? Compressors

With three decades of proven performance behind them and over 150 million installations worldwide, it’s no wonder Copeland? compressors are specified by more HVACR contractors than any other brand. ?Quiet, ultra-reliable and energy-efficient, Copeland Scroll compressors offer next-level comfort while also meeting regulatory requirements.

Science of Livability

The Science of Livability

From temperature consistency to humidity control to air quality, there are a lot of factors that go into creating the perfect indoor environment. And Emerson offers a number of new technologies designed to enhance comfort in noticeable and affordable ways.? Find out how our technology and upgrades can help you create comfortable, livable commercial and residential environments that your customers will love.

Sensi? Predict

Sensi? Predict

Featuring 10 smart sensors that analyze and monitor performance, this innovative HVAC maintenance system lets you stay ahead of problems while optimizing efficiency.

Connected Comfort

Connected Comfort

Emerson’s Helix Innovation Center is paving the way for bold collaboration and disruptive innovation for the HVACR industry. A fully functional, connected home built inside an environmental test chamber allows testing of ambient temperature from -20° F – 120° F and humidity from 20%-90%. What took weeks to test now takes hours.

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