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Professional Construction Tools

Professional Tools and Vacuums

Reliable and innovative tools and equipment are the hallmark of Emerson’s commitment to providing the trades with the very best.


Professional Tools

Emerson’s Professional Tools business includes some of the most reliable tools and technologies for those working in mechanical, electrical and plumbing trades. RIDGID?, Greenlee? ???????and Klauke? build trade-trusted tools that answer the call on the toughest of jobs.


Construction & Plumbing Tools

Emerson offers?the broadest selection of durable, trusted products for tradespeople who build and support the world’s most complex and evolving infrastructure. RIDGID, Klauke and Greenlee tools are depended on construction sites all over the world.?

Electrical Construction Materials & Lighting

Electrical Construction Materials & Lighting

From commercial switch and outlet boxes, junction boxes and fittings, and industrial lighting solutions, Emerson’s range of electrical and lighting products help build, maintain and evolve top quality electrical infrastructure across the globe.


Home Repair and Maintenance

Our RIDGID home repair and plumbing installation products deliver performance you can rely on in any environment. From generators and pressure washers to power and hand tools to drain cleaning equipment, you’re sure to find the solution you need to tackle even your toughest projects.?


Commercial Vacuum Equipment

Developed specifically for commercial, industrial and contractor use, Emerson's professional-grade vacuums including the powerful RIDGID line of wet/dry vacs and ProTeam backpack vacuums, stand up to the toughest job site challenges.

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