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Construction & Plumbing Tools

As the leading manufacturer of dependable and innovative tools for the plumbing and professional trades, it’s no wonder our products are found on construction jobsites around the world.


Professional Tools for the Industries’ Toughest Challenges

With unparalleled reliability and expertise from RIDGID, Klauke and Greenlee, Emerson’s global professional tools business offers the broadest selection of durable, trusted products for tradespeople in the demanding commercial, industrial and energy markets.?

Products & Services

Find the Right Tool for the Job

Looking for the right drain cleaner for the job at hand?? Our interactive Drain Cleaner Selection Tool will help you find the perfect product.

Built For Those Who Know.?

Built For Those Who Know.?

Some invent to change the world, at RIDGID we invent for those who build it. In 1923, we invented the modern pipe wrench and since then everything that carries the RIDGID name has been designed and crafted for strength, effectiveness and legacy.

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