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H003 Refrigeration and Cold Chain

Refrigeration & Cold Chain

Our innovative solutions give you actionable insights to help ensure food safety, improve efficiency and protect profits.

Mixed Retail

The cold chain perfected.

Today’s cold chain is full of complexities and navigating it successfully takes a comprehensive amount of data, end-to-end temperature management and a knowledge of everchanging regulations. At Emerson, we offer a wide range of flexible solutions that help protect food safety and freshness, minimize expenses and give you the insights you need to improve your bottom line.? ??


The most trusted name in the industry

Copeland? compressors offer next-generation technology that sets the standard for performance, reliability and regulation-adhering efficiency. And with Copeland products designed for all types of commercial refrigeration applications, you’re sure to find a solution to meet your needs.


Tap into our expertise.

The industry’s issues may have changed. The best place to get answers hasn’t.

E360 Resources, Forums and Webinars

HVACR insights from our industry experts

Climate Conversations focuses on topics and technologies that improve human comfort, safeguard food and protect the environment. Follow our blog for valuable HVACR insights on industry trends and technologies.?

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