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Energy & Environmental Conservation

Better Resources, Fewer Resources:? Emerson’s Contribution to Environmental Conservation

Copeland Scroll UltraTech

Optimizing Efficiency for HVAC Equipment

Our Copeland Scroll Two-Stage??compressors can help to reduce energy consumption by one-third or more? in air-conditioning units. Our award-winning variable speed compressors deliver new levels of cooling and heating efficiency and comfort for residential air conditioners and heat pumps. This innovation is making a big impact: Homeowners can save up to 40 percent on annual energy costs.

Solutions for Maximum Efficiency

We deliver efficient systems with multi-speed solutions and modulation as well as advanced system controls, through our Retail Solutions business and ProActTM software, which enable grocery stores to manage temperature control and refrigeration units with pinpoint accuracy. We also enable customers to design and develop ultra-efficient buildings, delivering systems that support green building certifications like LEED and Net Zero, while maximizing ventilation and air quality.

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