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Food Quality and Sustainability

Safeguarding The World’s Food Supply, One Innovation at a Time


Transportation: A Key to Maintaining Food Quality

Through refrigerated containers that continually monitor food temperature, Emerson is able to monitor food safety, whether food is traveling by land or by sea. At sea, Emerson’s Transportation team equips, connects or monitors hundreds of thousands of refrigerated containers on 18 of the Top 20 shipping lines. ?


Managing Food Quality with New Technologies

New technologies from Emerson, such as LocusTraxx, make it easier than before to use small, real-time temperature loggers on individual shipping containers to monitor logistics efficiency, food safety, and cargo integrity as our food moves across its full journey. ?


Grind2Energy: Making Waste Work

We’ve created solutions to put food waste to work. Grind2Energy?, our food waste recycling system, converts food waste into energy through an organic process and brings value to the end of a food’s life cycle.?

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