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Home Comfort

Customize Your Castle

Copeland Scroll

Copeland Scroll Compressors: Higher Performance, Lower Energy Costs

Our Copeland Scroll? compressors deliver unmatched comfort for homeowners. With over 120 million installations worldwide, our compressors have earned a reputation for reliability and lower energy costs. Our variable speed compressors and heat pumps are capable of better heating performance and efficiency, even in cold climate conditions. And relative humidity sensors provide vital information to help your system adjust to outside conditions to maintain air quality inside.

Hub Alert Report

Preventative Care for Your HVAC

Our Smart HVAC Maintenance Solution provides a sense of control for homeowners. The technology enables you to manage your heating and cooling equipment by providing real-time information and professional insight on the health of your HVAC system. Using sensors that transmit data over a Wi-Fi connection, Sensi Predict? inspects your system every time it runs. Any indication of a problem alerts our monitoring team, which analyzes the data before sending an alert to you and a service technician.?

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